Cartier Diamonds


A commitment to radiance


Among the 4 Cs, the most determining factor is without a doubt the cut of the diamond - its symmetry, its balance - neither too high, nor too flat. It is the guarantee of exceptional beauty. Central brilliant-cut Cartier diamonds whose size is greater than 0.30 carats on the GIA scale are classified "Very Good" or "Excellent"*, guaranteeing them an optimal brilliance and a unique sparkle.

Several additional criteria imposed by our "Cartier Diamond Experts" for brilliant-cut diamonds:

  • the table must be between 56% and 63% for diamonds over 0.23 carats;
  • the total depth must be between 58% and 63% without the culet;
  • the girdle must be from slightly thick to thick.

*For brilliant-cut center diamonds under 0.30 ct, as well as for fancy-cut center diamonds, the Cut grade accepted by Cartier is between "Good" and "Excellent".


A commitment to weight


The unit of measurement of diamond weight is the carat; its name comes from the carob seed that was once used to weigh diamonds. The weight is the most important criteria in determining the price of a diamond. A carat corresponds to 0.20 g.

Cartier offers diamond solitaires in a large range of carats according to the setting*.

*Diamond solitaires certified from 0.18 carats


A commitment to purity


Inclusions are natural imperfections in a diamond that can alter its quality.
The clarity of a diamond depends on the number of inclusions, their size and their position.
The clarity chart put into place by the GIA allows classification from FL (Flawless = no visible flaws even under a magnifying glass X10) to I3 (Imperfect, inclusions visible to the naked eye).

Cartier diamonds are only selected between IF and VS2, which guarantees exceptional clarity and the absence of the slightest inclusion visible to the naked eye.*

* The diamonds presented in this catalog and the guarantees relative to the "4 Cs" apply to round diamonds of over 0.18 carats.


A commitment to transparency


A diamond is all the more exceptional if it is colorless. The color is evaluated by the GIA according to a scale that goes from D to Z in alphabetical order (D signifies a "colorless" diamond and Z "near colorless"). Cartier diamonds are exclusively chosen between D and H, meaning they are all colorless. Cartier accepts only diamonds with little or no fluorescence.