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Sixième Sens par Cartier showcases that extra touch of soul unique to High Jewelry, an expression of art that inspires like no other.

The Meride necklace


Diamond, onyx and rock crystal create a hypnotic checkerboard pattern on this necklace that appears to be in perpetual motion.

The Parhelia ring


It’s impossible to resist the magnetism of this ring, which blurs lines and plays games on visual perceptions.

The Pixelage necklace


This necklace brings to mind the panther’s cherished and familiar image by using its coat as a motif of symbolic power.

The Alaxoa necklace


This necklace captivates with its texture, while its chromatic intensity, precision and rigor were all paramount to its creation.

The Sharkara necklace


With variations of the same tone, this necklace brings together tourmalines and colored sapphires in an array of rosy hues that are illuminated by bright orange garnets and sparkling diamonds.

The Coruscant necklace


A vibrant testimony to diamonds’ power to enchant, this necklaces features six different cuts, each reflecting the light from a different angle.

The Phaan ring


How can you add to the beauty of an 8.20-carat ruby? Is it possible to enhance what is already exceptional? This ring’s architecture conceals a tiered construction that allows a 4.01 carat rose-cut diamond to be inserted just below the stone on top.

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