Museum of the City of New York, New York (USA)

Mod New York: Fashion Takes a Trip

Exhibition from November 22, 2017, to April 1, 2018

Through a collection of costumes, jewelry, accessories and documents, the Mod New York: Fashion Takes a Trip exhibition, presented by the Museum of the City of New York, took a fresh look at fashion from 1960 to 1973, such as it was worn and imagined in the streets of New York. The profound social and cultural changes that took place in the United States were reflected in fashion trends. Pop Art, as well as feminist, pacifist and Black Power movements had as significant an impact on fashion as they did on ideas and institutions of the era.

To illustrate this formidable stylistic creativity, the exhibition’s curators, in collaboration with the National Jewelry Institute, chose seven pieces from the Cartier Collection created by Cartier New York in the 1970s, as well as a contemporary bracelet. Amongst these objects, four models were created by the Italian designer Aldo Cipullo (1935-1984), who began working for Cartier New York in 1969. With him, the American branch transformed and enhanced everyday objects with a touch of humor, using unusual and more affordable precious materials. The Nail bangle, now called Juste Un Clou bracelet, and the carnelian earclips in the shape of buttons were just two examples. Other striking pieces such as the cigarette and the Lunch pail bag were also on display.

40 years may have passed, but the trends that took off in the Mod era are still as popular as ever, like the Juste Un Clou and Love bracelets. 

Mod New York: Fashion Takes a Trip