Bringing the material to life

Bringing the material to life

Bringing the Material to Life

Bringing the inanimate to life from the heart of the material. With articulated and fluid structures to fit closely to the skin, by the nature in which the panther appears. The fruit of a constant dialog between designers, jewelers, sculptors, gem-setters and polishers, Cartier’s savoir-faire is the link between design and life.




Volume and Flexibility

Giving a complex creation an incredibly fluid nature on the skin, that is the challenge of the Synesthésie necklace, whose linked work to the back has been treated as entirely articulated lace.




Harmonizing volume


With the Kunzite necklace, the artistry of the gem-cutter is revealed by baroque-shaped opals, made more radiant by their cut and, bringing more contrast to a large kunzite. To harmonize volume, shape and material, a transformation takes places when the jeweler and gem-setter unify the piece with particular attention given to the shagreen setting.




in motion


Achieving the balance between volume and lightness, suppleness and style. Guided by the gemstones, jewelers, gem-setters and stone cutters have created a fluid and living material on the skin, a breathtakingly complex design in motion.




The panther
in motion


Since 1914 with the panther’s first appearance, the Maison’s artisan jewelers have explored the art of bringing the panther to life. Muscles, heads and paws: the detail unfolds through the sculpture, as its power is liberated. They witness the living movement and together translate it into three dimensions.




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