Les Heures de Parfum

Les heures de parfum



A creative statement that gives carte blanche
to our In-House Perfumer : Mathilde Laurent

A tribute to the great History of Perfumery
and the Art of Perfume

Carefully selected ingredients and authentic
compositions that keep their natural colors

A talent that was honored by two prestigious
FIFI awards for La Treizième Heure:
the prize of Specialists
and the prize of Perfumers Creators

Each Heure de Parfum is the expression
of the Cartier olfactory style





L'Heure Promise


I. L'Heure

It was time to capture a life full of fresh early mornings
Petit grain, FRESH HERBS at the dawn of
intentions. Everything seemed possible – love, creation, belief.
The time had come to embrace the day, comforted by self-confidence
and honesty IRIS, and to fly or walk in the first glimmers of a
spring of existence. The sheer newness was just waiting
to be explored like an undiscovered continent bathed in hope,
with the promise of cherishing the moment
a little longer while everything remained quiet.
Prolonging, preserving the moment: L’HEURE PROMISE by Cartier.
An eiderdown of fragrance sandalwood,
for leaving the night behind without affronting sleep. Outside,
I sense, like a veil of tulle MUSK NOTES,
my own deciding scent – that of my destiny unfolding and
of an adventure that is anxious to take place.




II. L'Heure

It was red she wanted, the blush of excitement,
the tumescence of bitten lips strawberry flesh,
the carnation in his buttonhole.
Moving closer, driving him crazy, shedding her
shyness to wrap herself in filmy, playful, sensuous frills
CRÈME DE MARRON. No more stage fright, just a rhythmic
dance in the aura of a velvet stage curtain iris notes, spotlights
following her body. Look, here’s my velvety shoulder
CLOVE NOTES, there my swaying curves, then I vanish
the better to come back to you, all legwork and pouting
lips. Do you love my legs? The nape of my neck? The
small of my back? Look, I’m your lover unveiled at the
coveted hour, dressed in my powdered skin, my red
lingerie red rose notes flying off in a peal of laughter
FRESH GREEN NOTES. And what if I said “vous” to
you, just for the show, like Juliette Gréco singing:
“Undress me, but not too soon, not too fast,
learn to covet me…”


L'Heure Convoitee



L'Heure Vertueuse


III. L'Heure

Rosemary green and lavender blue… An old nursery
rhyme leads us back to a medicinal garden grown wild
with sprightly aromatic herbs, wise plants picked to cheer
body and soul. The apothecary’s prescription: an infusion
of joy and courage lentiscus, a bracing cure for the
blues THYME, a secret antidote for bitterness
verbena, a teasing lash of green ABSINTH, a whiff of
wellbeing lavender, a soothing embrace ALMOND.
And so, in a halo of joyful kindness, the virtuous hour
chases the clouds away and revives our spirits…
Thyme and sweet marjoram, hyssop and rue.





IV. L'Heure

The horizon cleared, sparking the desire to escape. Was it dawn
or dusk? The moment smelt of the promised land, of alfalfa
and a shimmering summer of the soul magnolia,
BERGAMOT. An opportunity to be seized, as if hanging onto
life's wild collar HORSEHAIR NOTE. And there they went!
Together they charged towards the challenges that awaited
vetiver, grappling hand-to-hand with a tanned hide
YERBA-MATE and glistening fur, both accomplices
in their own abduction, romantic actors of
an overwhelming love musk notes.
Astride a steed galloping at full speed,
L'HEURE FOUGUEUSE, noble and imperious lavender,
rushed towards freedom enveloped in the humid heat of
straw struck by a storm COUMARIN, oak moss.


L'Heure Fougueuse



L'Heure Brillante


VI. L'Heure

The moment was electric, charged with high-tension energy
lemon, FLAXSEED. The unexpected laid down the law.
The start was announced. Outside, the world
accelerated. The hour when everything lights up, like a neon longing
to consume, had arrived. Refusing to abstain from anything,
invigorating yourself with acidity,
feeling the vibrating rhythm of the street and pounding
the asphalt in a wild yet lucid undertaking.
And drinking to life gin notes, to the falling night,
to parties past and to those that are yet to be invented
in moments of rapture. For Time is radiant
ALDEHYDES, and happiness is in tune with
these bodies that are charged with fantasy and the invigorating thrill
of L’HEURE BRILLANTE, which pours forth like a spicy drop.





VII. L'Heure

Deny yourself nothing and do not resist this desire
shrouded in voluptuous mystery amber note.
Yes, it is unreasonable, but it is down to that
silky bronzed skin SANDALWOOD and to that soft,
sun-kissed velvet, so beautiful, so warm tolu with a taste
that I imagine to be all the more addictive
because it is forbidden.
Deny yourself nothing, yield to the magnetic aura
MUSK NOTES and to the subtle scent of
L'HEURE DEFENDUE, succumb to this soft, deaf
temptation patchouli… Spellbound VANILLA and
sweetened with absolute black cocoa.


L'Heure Defendue



L'Heure Diaphane


VIII. L'Heure

The world stirred, preparing its early morning with
freshness and joy…Washed. That first gleam of light
that caressed the eyelashes was soft peony notes, we
could have bathed in the clear fountain for its
transparency, for its sheer blossoming of life ROSE.
Mouth, neck and shoulders, it mingled with the air
naturally, untamed and fresh lychee notes, like a smile
that still recalls the child. Everything seemed new
and bright at the floral source of the silver thread
AMBER WOOD of this shining HEURE DIAPHANE whose
exquisite reflections dissolved everything, wrapping
ionones it a cloud of pure emotion.




X. L'Heure

If we were playing at being fortunate, we would
dream up countless desires, longings for champagne
and appearances on the arms of the most eligible. Of course,
the world would be our oyster and we would explore
it in our private jets. We would be diamond seekers, fond of all those sought-after fruits that are
rich in carats: red redcurrant, PINK PEPPERCORN,
grenadine, blue BLUEBERRY, blackcurrant,
, green leafy notes, IVY,
boxwood, SHISO
and white ALDEHYDES, polygonum.
They are miracle-makers for the skin and
“a girl’s best friend” – “boop boop bi doo”. Sleep in silk, live in
euphoria, take baths of champagne, go out in a convertible
and enrobe yourself in L’HEURE FOLLE
in self-congratulation for becoming
the princess of your own imperial extravagance.


L'Heure Folle



L'Heure Perdue

XI. L'Heure

Tangible, delicate, concrete reality…
as long as you can find a way to reach it!
Imagine it were possible, as a time traveller,
to enter L’HEURE PERDUE - the lost hour in which
we could once again share the pleasure of a long-
forgotten childhood treat. Ah, that exquisite softness that flows
from all our childhoods, from a universal memory.
Where does it come from, this sensual hour with its creamy aroma,
fundamental and echoing the past?
From an elegant memory VANILLIN from one person’s
appetite to another? Voluptuous and intimate
like the scent of familiarity. HELIOTROPE 
Perhaps because everything is ruled by science,
so clever in posing as natural when in fact
it is a feat of alchemy, exploring the artificial through
a precipitate of large synthetic molecules,
particularly VANILLIN. This aldehyde with sensual aromas
and a silky aura floating over the 11th hour, the lost and
progressive hour, demystifying the conventional idea that
beauty is only worthwhile if it is NATURAL.




XII. L'Heure

Silence was on the prowl. You could hear it breathing,
lurking like desire. The calmness felt only temporary.
Drowsiness gained life, slowly jasmine
and heavily PATCHOULI.
This was the time for listening to your own pulse at the edge of
abandon, like a reverse countdown, a voyage into the intimate where
everything both takes shape and disintegrates.
Withdraw into yourself, escape and focus your mind on your inner
self, reaching that point where self-awareness resides. Was it day
elemi gum, CORIANDRE ? Was it night
incense, FRANKINCENSE ? Soon you must leave
the darkness juniper... but not quite yet. First, savour
L’HEURE MYSTÉRIEUSE for just one hour –
no longer, that’s a promise – extracted from deep within,
and rediscover your own personal roots.


L'Heure Mysterieuse



La Treizieme Heure


XIII. La Treizieme

There are moments when everything
can be transformed, when it is impossible to distinguish
the real from the unreal. An affaire of exact seduction
leather notes, MATÉ, birch, an object of desire
NARCISSUS, and a metamorphosis between shadow
and light bergamot is at work. This is a time for breathing
in emptiness and braving adventure patchouli where
LA TREIZIÈME HEURE glides sensually VANILLA and
fatally upon the skin like a sentiment,
an exquisite dizziness of the unknown. Then, we are no longer
able to distinguish the true from the false, the night from the day,
and we surrender to the realm of the vague, the clear darkness of
Nature that makes everything unique and possible.


The Art of Creation