Panthère de Cartier: the emblem of the Maison

An object of desire and fascination, everything about her exudes defiance, power, and freedom. She is charged with a magnetism that reveals one's strength of character.

A supple bracelet for an even more agile panther


As the centerpiece of the Panthère collection, the panther head bangle is the highest embodiment of the feline's suppleness. A flexible bracelet that hugs the wrist like a second skin, it is just as magnetic as the emblematic animal itself.



The design, stone mounting, paving and stone setting: All of these steps contribute to the one objective of reproducing the spirit of the animal. The idea is not to imitate but to pay homage to nature, to breathe life into the animal and to provide it with a personality.

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Chapter 1:
“Jeanne Toussaint, La Panthère”


View the portrait of a woman who revolutionized contemporary jewelry. She was the first female artistic director of a great jewelry Maison, a designer who risked it all and invented the Panthère. Watch how she became Artistic Director from 1933 to 1970 and how her trademark "Toussaint taste" went on to influence the most elegant women of her time.


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