High Jewelry Watches


Cartier's collection of High Jewelry watches has evolved from the first watch created by the Maison, referencing a heritage of shape exploration, an expertise of fine watchmaking skills and an insatiable curiosity for beauty.

Continuing a creative vein that began in the 1920s, miniature watches are today a Cartier signature in the multifaceted world of watchmaking. In the years following, the panther and other precious motifs have been miniaturized, showcasing a true achievement in the craftsmanship of these masterpieces due to their scale and delicate execution.

Driven by the world's smallest manual mechanical movements, these feminine creations continue to remain an unparalleled feat in watchmaking craftsmanship.


By uniting Cartier's two founding workshops - High Jewelry and Watchmaking - the Maison strikes a dynamic balance between a flamboyant art and a precise craft. Governed by the same principles of excellence, style and strength, the beauty in these creations is found where the figurative meets the abstract.