An exclusive special orders service is available to make dreams a reality: a Cartier creation designed to order is produced exactly as requested.

Whether it's an original design or a new twist to an existing model, each piece is conceived during meetings between the client and the jeweler who then subtly recreates the Maison's unique style. This shared dream, interpreted and executed to the Maison's stringent standards, produces poetic, sometimes unexpected, creations. In these demonstrations of innovation, expertise and excellence unique to Cartier, the jeweller goes to the very heart of secret anecdotes and reveals their precious messages.


Special order, circa 1927
Gold with black, red and white enamel

This piece was commissioned by Louis Cartier and his second wife, Countess Jacqueline Almassy, as a thank you gift to his son, Pierre Cartier, on their departure from New York. The flap of the envelope is hinged at the top. It can be folded back in order to take out the calling card engraved with "Mr and Mrs L.J. Cartier" in facsimile black enamel, and the inscription: "Merci, de tout coeur, / pour votre charmant / accueil, et notre délicieux / séjour parmi vous. /Toute notre affection / Louis Jacqui." ("Thank you with all our hearts / for your lovely / welcome and our wonderful / stay with you. /All our love / Louis Jacqui.") On the back of the envelope, a stamp in red enamel imitation wax bears the monogram "CC".


In 1922, Cartier Paris for London
platinum, old-cut diamonds

This bazuband, produced for Cartier London in 1922, was ordered by Sir Dhunjibhoy Bomandji, shipping magnate and owner of several estates in India and England. A bazuband is a traditional Indian bracelet, worn by both men and women, from the Mughal Empire (16th to 19th centuries). The first bracelet of this type produced by Cartier, with a highly flexible, platinum frame to fit the curve of the arm. Three rings paved with diamonds (that are now missing) enabled the piece to be fitted around the arm. It can also be worn as a pendent, brooch or bodice ornament.


Cartier Paris, special order, 1934
Gold, calibrated buff-top rubies, baguette-cut diamonds and a jade cabochon of 37.67 carats

This ring was created by Cartier Paris in 1934 at the request of Barbara Hutton. The yellow gold of the ring, the baguette-cut diamonds and the buff-top rubies complement a magnificent jade cabochon of 37.67 carats. A passionate lover of jewelry, Barbara Hutton was one of Cartier's most loyal clients and commissioned several special pieces including a tiara for her marriage to the Russian prince Mdivani in 1933.