Monographic exhibitions


2002: Berlin, Vitra Design Museum
2002-2003: Milan, Palazzo Reale Museum
2004: Kyoto, Daigoji Temple
2004-2005: Houston, Museum of Fine Arts

Renowned Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass was artistic director of this travelling exhibition which graced original spaces in Berlin, Houston, Milan and Kyoto: from a disused electrical power plant converted by Vitra into a Design Museum in former East Berlin, to a sacred space among statues of Buddha in an ancient temple in Kyoto, Sottsass’ vision put the spotlight on the symbolic dimension of the object. The magical twilight transported the visitor in an emotional approach that focused on appreciation of the jewelry’s beauty rather than a reading of its social history. The exhibition was accompanied by original images shot by the designer, a testament to his photographic talents that added to the sensory experience of this highly original exhibition.