Monographic exhibitions


Taipei, National Palace Museum

The Cartier Collection was invited to join collections from the Shenyang Palace Museum in a major exhibition of royal jewelry at the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The exhibition displayed court jewelry from East and West, as illustrated by the family treasures of monarchs and aristocrats, and by the jewelry of prestigious clients inspired by the jewelry of powerful figures. The reciprocal influences of Chinese and Western civilizations on the design of the jewelry opened the visitor’s eyes to the wealth of precious objects produced by the Maison’s ateliers, often based on Chinese sculptures and antiques. The exhibition was curated by Ms. Tsai Mei Fen, head curator of antiquities at the Palace Museum, under the direction of Ms. Chou Kung Shin. The exhibition pioneered multi-disciplinary approaches that make the Cartier Collection an area of extensive interest for art history specialists.