Ongoing Care Services

Our care and repair services are intended to preserve the function and beauty of your Cartier jewelry for years to come and to make it shine like the moment you opened the red box for the first time. Whenever your jewelry visits our care and repair workshops, it will go through a dedicated diagnosis to ensure it meets all the functional and aesthetic standards of the Maison.

All services begin at $190

Repair or replacement of a component

Has an element of your Cartier jewelry been damaged or lost? Our care and repair workshop can add or replace a new component to preserve the integrity of the original design and function.

Component repair or replacement service: $190, plus additional components


If your Cartier creation is distorted in any way, our reshaping service will restore its original shape.

Reshaping service: $190

Clasp or link repair

If the clasp or link of your Cartier jewelry is damaged, our care and repair workshop can repair or replace it. This service involves various meticulous and delicate operations that will be carried out by our Cartier jewelers.

Clasp or link repair service: $190


Have deep scratches appeared on your jewelry piece? A shining service can be carried out, involving several meticulous and delicate operations, carried out by Cartier jewelers and polishers. We recommend that you do not carry out more than three shining services throughout the lifetime of your creation.

Shining service: $190

Stone/pearl replacement

Has a stone or pearl on your jewelry piece been damaged? Would like to replace it? The stone or pearl replacement service will be able to fulfill your request thanks to various meticulous and delicate operations carried out by Cartier jewelers. The stones and pearls are not included in the replacement service. They will be invoiced separately. 

Stone/pearl replacement service: $190 + price of the stone/pearl