Customize select Cartier jewelry designs to make your creation or gift one-of-a-kind. From a meaningful message commemorating the moment to a unique drawing, initials or special date, we are pleased to offer personalization options online or in your Cartier boutique.

Shining service

Has your jewelry creation lost its shine or has its surface become scratched? The shining service allows your Cartier creation to regain its original shine and to remove all superficial scratches. It includes a diagnosis, buffing, cleaning, and a technical and aesthetical check of your creation. If necessary, a rhodium-finishing bath will be carried out to restore your white gold creation.

Shining service: complimentary


Our engraving service allows you to share a message, unique design, date, initials or any inscription on your Cartier jewelry creation. As a permanent mark of the moment, note that any type of engraving is possible but will depend on the space available.

Engraving service: complimentary

Cord replacement

Should you like to change the cord on your LOVE or Trinity bracelet, we are pleased to offer a Cord Replacement service at your Cartier boutique.

Cord replacement service: complimentary

*Due to COVID-19, appointments are required for all Cartier boutique visits, some services may be temporarily suspended at this time.
Please contact your Cartier boutique directly to confirm that this service is available for your appointment.