Restoration & Reproduction

Has a stone or pearl on your Cartier jewelry been damaged? Entrust our Cartier jewelers to provide you additional options to return your creation to its original magnificence.

Stone or pearl replacement service: $190, plus additional cost of the stone or pearl


Our restoration service can bring new life to a cherished Cartier creation, whether it requires a very rare savior-faire skill mastered by Cartier jewelers or a simple repair requiring specific materials.

Restoration service: estimate on request


If your jewelry creation is composed of two parts, one of which has been lost, our pairing service will re-produce a matching piece to complete the set.

Pairing Service: estimate on request


If your Cartier jewelry is extremely worn, damaged or cannot be re-sized, we are pleased to offer our reproduction service. Depending on the design and services required, a new item may be produced that captures the same beauty as the original. The number engraved on the new design will match that of the original.

Reproduction service: estimate on request